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  • Apr 17, 2024
1 month ago|

Ruth, Social Worker, IELTS Academic

Ruth left her native South Africa to accomplish her dreams in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. She faced many challenges on her way to the adoptive country, and one of them was passing IELTS Academic, so that she could register with Social Work England. Andreea Berkhout Academy stood by her side and we are happy to tell you that Ruth arrived in Manchester a few days ago.
Your passion for people and education is tangible and makes  many believe that dreams can be achieved with the right support. Thank you for going the extra mile to ensure I arrived safely in the U.K. This truly speaks volumes of your character and nature. I look ahead to embrace  the beauty of change for which I was created. It's my belief that there is a time for us all to shine. Don't ever give up on your dreams even when you have no idea how they will materialise. Keep working hard and keep taking one step at a time. Andreea Berkhout  Academy, thank you for inspiring positive change in others.’ 

Dear Ruth, welcome to the UK! <3

Dear IELTS Academic candidates, looking forward to helping you pass your exams! 

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