OET Nursing 1 Month Package – Beginner


Monthly package:

  • lessons;
  • mock tests;
  • personalised corrections;
  • feedbacks for the homework.

Average study time: up to 9 months.

The fees for the unattended lessons are not refundable.




This comprehensive course is designed to teach students an excellent approach to OET. Our international teachers provide authentic tests and official OET exam practice materials. Moreover, our lessons ensure that students build their Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking competences with a wide range of medical vocabulary and advanced grammatical structures. Students are offered OET Mock Tests at the end of the course, practice tests and personalised feedback after each subunit.


Acest curs cuprinzator este conceput pentru a le prezenta studentilor o abordare excelenta pentru OET. Profesorii nostri internationali ofera teste autentice si materiale oficiale necesare in pregatirea pentru acest examen. In plus, lectiile noastre asigura o dezvoltare a competentelor de Reading(citire), Writing(scriere), Listening(ascultare) si Speaking(vorbire) printr-o varietate de vocabular medical si structuri gramaticale avansate. Studentii au parte de simulari de OET la finalul cursului si feedback personalizat dupa fiecare unitate parcursa din programa.

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