Why online

  • The studying process takes place in a comfortable manner because the students always choose the place they would be in when they connect to the class. This means that the student never leaves the comfort zone as they are always in friendly and well-known environments reaching the Teacher just through a simple click.
  • You save the time and money necessary to travel to where the course takes place.
  • You benefit from the work of an experienced teacher in a modern way, regardless of the location you are in.
  • All you need is an internet connection, a computer/laptop with a microphone and a camera.
  • The Online Teacher uses various methods and didactic strategies specific to learning groups.
  • The study also incorporates modern resources offered by the Online experience.
  • The homework is corrected before the lesson, not during it, and the mistakes are discussed during the class.
  • The students are motivated to interact with the professor and their classmates, in comparison with the atmosphere from a regular classroom.
  • Teaching and learning happen through the screen and the students are fond of this.
  • Learning is efficient, complex and fast!