Cambridge PreA1 Starters Preparation

Cambridge PreA1 Starters Preparation

Course description

  • 4 sessions x 1h
  • free materials
  • homework
  • personalised feedback for homework


  • is suitable for candidates aged 7-8.
  • there are three parts: Listening (20 mins), Reading and Writing (20 mins) and Speaking (3-5 mins).
  • the preparation for this exam requires a minimum of 100 hours of English classes
  • there is no PASS or FAIL
  • as a result, the young learner can obtain a maximum of five shields for each part, the total mark consisting of fifteen shields

The fees for the unattended lessons are not refundable.

This course includes
  • Lectures 4

Andreea Berkhout
By Andreea Berkhout

Founder AB Academy